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I was born in  Tel Aviv, a graduate of the high art college 'hamidrasha'- 2014  Israel,  the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1992 and  Painters & Sculptors Association Workshop, 1985.

While Practicing architecture i won the Leon Raskin Award for Movie Theater Design in Haifa and an award for designing the Democratic High School in Tel Aviv.


Since 2003, I devoted myself totally to art. my paintings, like my worldview, are an eclectic weave of times and streams that bring a new quality to the surface.

Unlike the limitations of architectural design—which is bound by laws of physics, economics, construction, and changing trends—I choose the freedom the canvas allows to create a dialogue between the external world and it's inner parallel.   Still, a testimony of the architectural composition reveals through the cubist gesture of the works.  The 'broken' painting is gathered again by the colors that act as the glue. 

I approach the canvas with a question that I attempt to maintain throughout the creative process. I search within the shapes and colors with the idea that the searcher and the revealed are one. There is no predetermined destination: even when the painting is “finished” it is just an interval on a path that has no end.

Painting is my way to explore the spirit of the materials, using the tangible to touch the intangible, and the seen to reveal the unseen. The sound of the shapes, the perfume of the colors, these are the qualities that engage the viewer's emotions, creating an intimate dialogue with him.

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